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KIMOSPHERES - New Series 2015-17

"Kimospheres" are kinetic atmospheres currently explored in installations and performances built by the DAP-Lab ensemble during research on wearable space which emerged in the course of the European "Metabody" project. These kimospheres behave as if they are active living architectural organisms that have an aural, visual, and tactile-sensory quality, with subtly changing states and affordances. They can be worn and breathed, felt and imagined, transported and taken off. Elements and objects from the environment can be passed and shared, some of them emit intimate sounds, they are tactile sonic emanations from the environment. They vibrate in the light of distant voices. Others are constructed as costumes/garments that inspire movement, tactile perception, and new forms of proprioception and kinaesthetic awareness relating to the environment and others. These atmospheres of choreographic and garment design, and the sensory methods involved, are developed by members and associates of the DAP-Lab, directed by Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux.

DAP-Lab invites to Kimosphere no. 5

Yoko Ishiguro in rehearsal for kimosphere 3 and 5, with long extedned stage dress and the Kepler sound object designed by Michele Danjoux(c) photos DAP-Lab

Film & Drama Studio, Queen Mary University, Arts Two Building, London

Saturday, December 9, 2017

DAP-Lab will present the fifth installment of its "kimosphere" dance environment at Queen Mary Film & Drama Studio Theatre, Saturday December 9, 13:13 - 14:15

as part of the 'Staging Atmospheres' event held at Queen Mary University

Arts Two Building/ Film-Drama Studio

“kimosphere no. 5”

created by DAP-Lab

Scenography: Johannes Birringer / design-in-motion by Michèle Danjoux

Sound: Sara S. Belle

Dancers: Helenna Ren, Haein Song, Yoko Ishiguro, Zhi XU and Aggeliki Margeti

Virtual Reality design: Doros Polydorou

VR illustration: Francis de Oliveira, Letitia Liu, Nik Roan

Red Ghosts game: Ashley Rezvani

Red Ghosts & Shadows of the Dawn cut cup poetry: Emma Filtness, Johannes Birringer

Mugu interfaces: Haein Song


Stills from kimosphere and VR rehearsals, Helenna Ren in masked costume (c) photos DAP-Lab

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(initial research development for Metakimospheres has been part of the EU-funded METABODY project; the installation of kimosphere no. 4/Horla was funded by the Immersion/Presence Research Cluster at Brunel University; kimosphere no. 5 was invited by "Staging Atmosphere" (Queen Mary University and Ambiances International Network). The participation of Doros Polydorou and his collaborators are courtesy of Doros's association with the DAP-Lab; Doros is currently program leader of Creative Media and Digital Cultures Programme at the University of Hertfordshire)

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D A P-lab directors: Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux

(c) DAP-Lab 2017