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KIMOSPHERES - New Series 2015-17

"Kimospheres" are kinetic atmospheres currently explored in installations and performances built by DAP-Lab and associates during research on wearable space. The DAP-Lab is directed by Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux. Below you find some photographs of the premiere of metakimosphere no. 4 on May 27, 2017. It is the fourth installment of the kimosphere series, this time a collaboration with VR technology and 3D film and the virtual evoked as a ghostly presence inside and alongside the Speaker Forest (8 channel sound installation shrouded in nets) and the other interactional stations or locations inside this forest, the soundsphere, the coral reef, the lemur game, the lemur forest, the chair circle with the 3D Horla film by Paul Moody, and the poetrywriter station with Sara S. Belle. The dancers are ghosts, moving in and out of the action, masked interlopers. The poetry is "cut up," let loose, set afloat, palimpsestic, as Emma Filtness explained so evocatively during the symposium that preceded the opening of the exhibition.

See documentary film of the Kimosphere no. 4 performance

"Metakimosphere no.4"

Still from technical rehearsals, coral reef on left, ghost speakers 8 channel installation in the center, sound generated by Sara S. Belle [right]; Claudia Robles-Angel at SoundSphere in the back; one of masked dancers inside the shroud (c) photos DAP-Lab

visitors and dancer-ghosts mingling in the Ghost Speaker forest on opening night (c) photos DAP-Lab

Visitor wearing VR headset climbs into the virtual lemur red island; visitor's wires are held by Doros Polydorou (c) photos DAP-Lab

visitor floating in Coral Reef [left] and visitor inside SoundSphere with biosignal interface for GSR, prepared by Claudia Robles-Angel on opening night (c) photos DAP-Lab


scenography/direction - Johannes Birringer

8-channel sound design - Sara S. Belle

Red Ghosts and Horlà cut cup poetry - Emma Filtness

Shadows of the Dawn cut up - Johannes Birringer

performance by Yoko Ishiguro, Helenna Ren,Haein Song, and Sara S. Belle

Biosignal Interface by Claudia Robles-Angel

Horlà 3D film - Paul Moody

Red Ghosts game - Ashley Rezvani

graphic projections by Johannes Birringer, Chris Bishop

Red Island Forest VR world design by Doros Polydorou with Francis de Oliveira, Letitia Liu, Nik Roan

Coral Reef Architecture - Hyperbody, TU Delft

costumes - Haein Song and Emma Filtness

lighting - Johannes Birringer

camera - Martina Reynolds

editing and postproduction - Martina Reynolds

Performed at Artaud Performance Centre Brunel University London

(c) 2017 DAP-Lab directed by Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux

(research development for Metakimospheres was part of the EU-funded METABODY project; the installation of kimosphere no. 4/Horla is also funded by the Immersion/Presence Research Cluster at Brunel University, co-initiated by Christian Stiegler, Paul Moody and Johannes Birringer; the participation of Doros Polydorou and his collaborators are courtesy of Doros's association with the DAP-Lab - he is currently program leader of Creative Media and Digital Cultures Programme at the University of Hertfordshire)

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D A P-lab directors: Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux

(c) DAP-Lab 2017