DAP-Lab / dans sans joux present:

Khlebnikov's Birds


for the time being (Victory over the Sun) - June 2013 - rehearsal film from scene compositions

"Khlebnikov's Birds"

audible choreography and performance by Yiorgos Bakalos, Caroline Wilkins, Emi Watanabe, Hae-in Song, Jung Soo Kim

fashion design concepts and art design by Michèle Danjoux

sound processing and wearable iPad programming by Elliott O'Brart

stage direction by Johannes Birringer

with live music & zaum vocal coaching by Caroline Wilkins

staging assistance by Maria Alves and Patricia Polo; Helenna Ren

assistant video camera by Michèle Danjoux

audiophonics design and solar objects by Michèle Danjoux

virtual energy / windmill film by Johannes Birringer

camera and editing Johannes Birringer




All rights reserved (c) dap-lab / dans sans joux 2013


Project directors: Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux

Brunel University, London