Design And Performance Lab




"for the time being (Victory over the Sun)"


April 2013 rehearsal images of Act II


DAP- Lab's approach is conceptual, developing material for a sonic dance production and pressing further its research into audiophonic

costumes and choreographic design.





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Rehearsals in the studio April 2013: showing ACT II scene 1 development after the capture of the sun, showing the Lightpole Dancer with solar lights, the BirdWoman with horn and grammphone, The Man with Ill Intentions (flutist), and Microphone Woman with Spade, in duet with Man with Ill Intentions. [featuring] Hae-in Song, Emi Watanabe, Caroline Wilkins. (c) Photo DAP-Lab


For more in formation on the design and performance concepts for

"for the time being" (Victory over the Sun), write to us.

(c) dap 2013
Project directors: Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux
Brunel University, West London