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"for the time being"


DAP-Lab's new research production phase 2012-13 is focussed on revisioning constructivist aesthetic politics from the 1910s and 1920s

and creating a new choreosonic installation inspired by the 1913 opera "Victory of the Sun" (Pobeda nad Solntsem, Luna Park, St.Petersburg).


Victory over the Sun: the opera's libretto written in zaum language contributed by Aleksei Kruchonykh , the music was written by Mikhail Matyushin , the prologue was added by Velimir Khlebnikov , and stage designs were by Kasimir Malevich . The performance was organized by the artistic group Soyuz Molodyozhi . The opera has become famous as the event where Malevich made his first "Black Square" painting. The opera was conceived to underline parallels between literary/imaginary text, musical score, and the art of painting, and featured a cast of such extravagant characters as Nero and Caligula in the Same Person ,Traveller through All the Ages, Telephone Talker ,The New Ones , Gravedigger, Futurecountrymen, etc. (The audience reacted negatively and even violently to the performance, as have some subsequent critics and historians, and even though El Lissitzky tried to recreate the work in Germany and Russia in the early 1920, the only traces of a second production are Lissitzly's design skecthes and drawings published in his portfolios in 1923-25. There has been no recent staging of this work.



DAP' Lab's approach is conceptual and critical, developing material for a new production and examining further its research into audiophonic

costumes and choreographic design.

Rehearsal photos and reflections on rehearsal process will be published here. In early 2011, members of the DAP-Lab participate in the

first international ARTAUD FORUM.


In the summer of 2011, members of the DAP lab begin experimentation with new wearable audio-generative microcircuits. Michèle Danjoux

directs the new experiments at the Interaktionslabor in Göttelborn (Germany) in August 2011.


Also in the summer of 2011, Johannes Birringer devises a 3-year joint partnership project supporting "for the time being," and this

international partnership collaboration is with artists in São Paulo, Brasil – a team of sound and digital artists coordinated by Sérgio Basbaum






For more in formation on the design and performance concepts for

for the time being, visit us.

(c) dap 2012
Project directors: Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux
Brunel University, West London