Design And Performance Lab


ADAPT presents

telematic dress / connective tissue

A live online performamce

Thursday-Friday 17-18 March, 2005


For picture gallery of live event click here


the night of 17th March / morning of 18th sequences:

Nottingham Lab: online 17th March: 21:oo - 2:oo am GMT

interface with Corpos Informaticos, Brasil: between 22:oo - 24:oo GMT
5pm and 7 pm EST, 7- 9pm Brasil time

interface with Sidney, Australia (Yuji Sone) 23:oo pm GMT: 10am Australia time

interface with ASU 22:oo - 24:oo GMT = 3 - 5 pm Mountain Time USA

interface with Yukihiko & Saeko, Tokyo: 1:oo am GMT = 11 am Tokyo Time

Anyone else please join us.

Theme: "telematic dress" - "connective tissue"


The 'Telematic Dress" experiment is the beginning of a process, of tactile exploration, of proprioception through touch, sound. We (the community/different sites) build/create a series of accessory garment pieces (accompanied by silhouettes/3D pieces), to perform with.

[our crossing will be south - east - west, in time and cultural locations and design styling]

harrison(top) Mihaleva (bottom)

We will post rehearsal images from Saeko's dance with expanded veil (Japan), Michèle Danjoux working with Helenna Ren / Marie Denis and unfolded body-garment (Nottingham), linked with images from our Brasilian friends (Bia Medeiros's scanned body images, with Carla Rocha and Corpos performers), linked with the new ASU-Utah project:

the "dress form" as a projection surface projecting streams, two sites plus our own onto this. ASU/Utah are thinking of projecting pattern-like images as clothing of sorts onto our performer. [This performer is in a buttoned-up, white costume that is full length, but perhaps without arms (arms in black and head also capped in black. The costume is foldable and expandable. We will then us this dress form as a projection surface projecting streams two sites plus our own onto this performer]

The "telematic dress" at this point is a conceptual fragment, starting point of our ideas (movement, fabric/textile design). We will focus first on a particular area of the body (camera). Extreme-Design emphasis is placed on that part of the body.


We explore the concepts of 'construct' and 'deconstuct', skin and texture, 'permanence' and 'place/non-place,' possibly in a synchronised and choreographed sequence. These pieces would be 'time-based' sculptures/dresses/forms..., revealing (in some way, needs discussing) the process, labour and skill involved in creating the 'dress'.


Helenna performing with prototype



We create a visible experience of process, rather than the production of a finished structure. Obviously it would all relate to the body: It is about magnification, and magnification of a part of the body through the accessory garment piece, which alters perception of the body, and in turn will alter the way the body moves.


("dress rehearsal" Nottingham-Arizona, with projected-dress, designed by Galina Mihalova, performed by Keira Hart, with image-texture-projetcions by Helen Raleigh)


Joint Design - Performance Team


Johannes Birringer, Michèle Danjoux, Gemma Harrison, Joe Cope, Marie Denis, Natalie Verhaegen, Helenna Ren, Yoon Bo Shim, Helen Knight.

Corpos Informaticos

Bia Medeiros, Carla Rocha, and Team


Yukihiko Yoshida, Saeko Miyake


John Mitchell, Galina M ihaleva, AJ Niehaus, Keira Hart, Helen Raleigh


Ellen Bromberg & Team


Yuji Sone, Ming Sheng, Mark Mitchell


all designs on this page (c) Gemma Harrison, Saeko Miyake, Michèle Danjoux & Bia Medeiros


Further notes on design and performance concepts will be published on this site.

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Project directors: Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux


Brunel University, West London