Design And Performance Lab



(1) Screendress

(Katsura Isobe in rehearsal, October 16, 2006)

New ChoreoDesign Project Suna No Onna


. . . .

(New lab members Niluefer Ovalioglu, Carla Esperanza Tommasi, Elena Poka & Chikukuango Cuxima-Zwa in rehearsal, October 17, 2006)

e n t er here for module rehearsal with real-time interactive synthesis




(3) SensorDress

(Michèle Danjoux with reflecmedia-sensorsdress, October 17, 2006)


New ChoreoDesign Project Suna No Onna



(4) CaptureDress

(under development, Bitlab capture sessions start November 30, 2006)







Photo and Film credits: Jon Hamilton & Johannes Birringer


For the film exhibition of "Intimate Klüver" at Dartington College of Arts in September 2006, click her.


For conceptual reflections on the project, also presented at DRHA Dartington, see

"The Emergent Dress: Transformation and Intimacy in Streaming Media and Fashion Performance" by Johannes Birringer & Michele Danjoux, in a new issue of Performance Research.


Further notes on design and performance concepts are published on this site.

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(c) dap 2006


Project directors: Johannes Birringer & Michèle Danjoux

Brunel University, West London