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The DAP Lab team has expanded and welcomes new members for its 2005-06 season of research activities


Jo Cope, Gemma Harrison, Emma Wilkes, Siobhan McHugh (fashion)

Stuart Kennedy, John Redgate, Amin Al-habaibeh (Engineering/Built Environment)

Stewart Collie, Canesis Ltd. (industry partner)

Helena Ren, Natasha Stott, Cidinha Fursan Bendixen, Ishtar Nouri (performance)

Yoon Bo Shim (photography, filmmaking) Cidinha Fursan Bendixen,

Jim Boxall Barrett Hodgson, Grew (Creative Collaborations MA course)

Susanne Hanson (Eternalspirits, industry partner)

Isabel Valverde (postdoc scholar, Lisbon, Digital Cultures Lab) Susanna Vaz (visitor, doctoral student, Performance)


This cross-media workshop is directed by Johannes Birringer (Live Art-Performance) and Michele Danjoux (Fashion)


Objective: the creation of an intermedia performance linking emergent fashion design, soft technologies and engineering, visual movement and sonic design through the interaction of dancer and garment. A garment or accessories prototype is under development, which will use sensor technology to act on lighting in the environment

For a conceptual theory of the emergent design, click here

The "emergent dress" project development consolidates our online collaborative partnership with the Department of Dance, Ariziona State University

To go to our partner site in Arizona, click here

Further notes on design and performance concepts will be published on this site. click here


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