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Tanz im Kopf / Dance and Cognition

Jahrbuch Nr. 15, Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung

Edited by Johannes Birringer und Josephine Fenger
Münster: LIT Verlag, 2005

ISBN 3-8258-8712-x


"Tanz im Kopf / Dance and Cognition" is a bilingual anthology of new dance studies reflecting the annual research focus proposed for 2004 by the German Association for Dance Research. The title refers to tendencies both in contemporary dance practices and in dance scholarship.

The discursive thread of the eighteen essays collected in the book runs from a historical understanding of dance which tended largely to separate dancing from thinking to the current proposition that dancing is thinking. Theoretical considerations regarding contemporary concept dance are examined along with sociological dimensions of dance culture and pedagogical concepts. Intercultural projects are included and analyzed along with approaches to dance improvisation and dance experiments with media technologies.

The discussion forum "Dance and Science" offers a special focus on various new research approaches in the cognitive neurosciences and experimental psychology and their impact on dance research and aesthetics. The essays in this forum present innovative models for the analysis of cognition and movement, and provide a critical framework for examining the influence of media and visualization technologies in dance production and research. Observational analyses of sensorimotoric behavior yield new findings that are relevant both for composition and performance practice as well as for dance pedagogical and therapeutic methods and improvisational techniques. This yearbook breaks new ground in international dance research advocating a strong cross-disciplinary emphasis on aesthetic and scientific investigations of performance and cognition. Ę



Josephine Fenger: Vorwort

Johannes Birringer: "Dancing and Cognition"

I Tanzgeschichten

Andrea Kottow u. Robert Graf: Vernunfts-Denken und Kšrper-Denken in kulturellen Koordinaten um 1900 Yvonne Hardt: Moderner Tanz in den kultursozialistischen Publikationen der Weimarer Republik

II Lyrik und Tanz

Ralf Georg Czapla: Getanzte Dichtung - gedichteterTanz

III TanzpŠdagogik

Claudia Fleischle-Braun: Tanz und Salutogenese

IV TanzŠsthetik und Theorie

Kirsten Maar: Forsythes Konzepte des imaginŠren Raums

Janine Schulze: Du musst Dir ein Bildnis machen, oder Tanzen ist Denken

Maren Witte: The Art of Getting Lost Renate BrŠuninger: Tanz im MuskelgedŠchtnis und als Bilderschrift

Wiebke Dršge: Stille Post: Kommunikation in der Tanzimprovisation

Royona Mitra: Cerebrality: Rewriting Corporeality of a Transcultural Dancer

V Dance and Science

Annette Hartmann: Mit dem Kšrper memorieren: Betrachtung des KšrpergedŠchtnisses im Tanz aus neurowissenschaftlicher Perspektive

Beatriz Calvo-Merino, Daniel Glaser, Julie Grzes, Dick Passingham, Patrick Haggard: : Seeing what you can do: the dancer's brain

Corinne Jola & Fred W. Mast: Minds and Motion: Dynamical Systems in Choreography,|Creativity and Dance

Ivar Hagendoorn: Methodologische Bemerkungen zu einer kŸnftigen Neurokritik des Tanzes

Catherine Stevens & Shirley McKechnie: Choreographic Cognition

Scott deLahunta & Phil Barnard: What's in a Phrase?

Ottmar E. Gendera: BrainDance/Tanz an der Schnittstelle zwischen Bewusstsein und Bewegung

Marlon Barrios Solano: Designing Unstable Landscapes: On Improvisational Dance within Cognitive Systems

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