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Rehearsal Workshop "HOLOstage" -- held during Cynetart 2014 at Hellerau-Dresden

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HOLOstage Dress Rehearsal Workshop: November 14, Michèle Danjoux cuts soft plexiglass/PVC materials andf builds first model/protoype construct for preliminary tests with Vera Ondrasikova and Johanna Roggan

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HOLOstage Dress Rehearsal on the set of Jo Siamon Salich's installation (glass pyramid for holographic projection and small kinect camera capture square for real dancer: the real dancer (Vera Ondrasikova [left]; Johanna Roggan [middle]) testing the work in progress HoloDress during the weekend public display of HOLOSTAGE, in Hellerau Festspielhaus during Cynetart2014, November 13-16

TMA Project Holostage director Jo Simaon Salich explains the development and concepts behind the first stage construction of HOLOstage in a documentary video: go here

HOLOstage Dress Rehearsal: Johanna Roggan dances with Danjoux's prototype pyramidal dress and head-funnel, inside camera capture square and in front of the hologram inside HOLOSTAGE, in the background

For further live documentation of the HOLOstage presentation (evening performance with Johanna Roggan): November 15 2014 - go here

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