Artaud Forum 2: Konnecting Gestures


Visual Archive of the event (March 30, 31, April 1, 2012)


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All photographs (c) 2012 Phil Maguire

click here for film on "Electrode"

All photographs (c) 2012 Phil Maguire. From top to bottom: Ian Winters Kinect workshop (1 & 2); Jörg Brinkmann: I’m Hearing My Ears All the Time (2010); Dani Ploeger: Electrode (2011); interactors playing with John Collingswood's Duet for Three; Jay Murphy, Nick Salazar Sutil, Claudia Robles on Roundtable 2; Saturday night audience dancing in Frieder Weiss's Blue Flow; the "Cabinet"-makers on Roundtable 3; detail from Friday night Sonic Arts Ensemble concert: Alexandre Menexiadis's overhead projector instrument with camera interface

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(c) 2012 Artaud Forum / Center for Contemporary and Digital Performance