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Portable Soundscapes: An Acoustic Travelogue by Adrift Performance Makers

A few words about the project

In July 2015, in our collaborative partnership as AdriftPM, we created Portable Soundscapes: An Acoustic Travelogue, travelling down from Portsmouth, UK, to Thessaloniki, Greece. A series of local buses, over ground and underground trains, trams, taxis, and international coaches brought us to Paris, Munich, Zagreb, and Belgrade. Carrying pre-recorded Southsea sound bites in our luggage, we listened out for unexpected voicings, misplaced soundtracks and fleeting sonic passersby. The project developed as a series of online responses to inadvertent encounters with unfamiliar sonic environments. In its unfolding, processual character, a few questions became prominent: What is the contemporary version of the flâneur? Can her account of the journey be disentangled from textuality (city as text) and visuality (city as spectacle)? Which opportunities does sound dramaturgy afford for new engagements with notions and practices of travel? Blending live art with acoustic ethnography, our logs in various media platforms extended an invitation to stand at the crossroads of Europe and listen.


Konstantinos Thomaidis is Lecturer in Drama and Performance at the University of Portsmouth and the artistic director of AdriftPM. He co-edits theJournal of Interdisciplinary Voice Studies and co-convenes the Performer Training working group at TaRPA. His latest publication is Voice Studies: Critical Approaches to Process, Performance and Experience (Routledge 2015, with Ben Macpherson).

Natalia Theodoridou holds a Ph.D. in Media and Cultural Studies from SOAS, University of London. She is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth and an Associate Artist of the New Theatre Royal Portsmouth as the dramaturge of AdriftPM. Her academic work has appeared in Contemporary Theatre Review and Performance Research.