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This is How we Fly

In December, 2011, contemporary folk band This is How we Fly and the Dublin Laptop Orchestra, a student-led ensemble in residence at Trinity College Dublin collaborated for an evening-length concert of new compositions for laptops, traditional instrumentation, and percussive dance. This film compiles footage collected during the process of rehearsing and preparing for the concert.

Music composed by This is How we Fly, Dan Trueman, and the Dublin Laptop Orchestra, performed by This is How we Fly and the Dublin Laptop Orchestra.

Film directed, shot, and edited by: Myles O'Reilly


Nic Gareiss is a performer, teacher and researcher in the field of traditional music and dance. Originally from the state of Michigan, his academic interests include vernacular music and percussive dance traditions from many locations, especially Ireland and its diaspora. Informed by fifteen years of ethnographic study and performance of many world percussive dance traditions, Nic's choreography reflects his love of improvisation, traditional footwork vocabulary, and musical collaboration. He has been called, 'the human epitome of the unbearable lightness of being', by the Irish Times and 'the most inventive and expressive step dancer on the scene', by the Boston Herald. Nic holds a degree in Anthropology from Central Michigan University and a MA in Ethnochoreology from the University of Limerick.