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Eleventh Plateau

The 'Eleventh Plateau' project takes place in the island of Hydra (July 2011) and consists of an exhibition, performances and a conference that examine the intersection between the aesthetic and the ecological. The project interrogates the ways that art practice can effect social change and raise awareness concerning ecological issues in a local context.

Curated by Sozita Goudouna. Production:

Eleventh Plateau by Out Of The Box Intermedia, Company's site

IS(O)LAND, performance for one spectator by Collective

IS(o)LAND employs the notion of the guide as it is used in cultural events (an oriented explication delivered in the form of an audio recording or through human presence) and transforms it into a new interactive performance shared by one spectator and Collective.

Eleventh Plateau by Out Of The Box Intermedia, Kom.Post, IS(O)Land

TRANSMISSIONS, participatory public intervention by Alexandra Stratou

TRANSMISSIONS by Alexandra Stratou (Vital space Projects) seeks to explore and engage the public spaces of Hydra based on their topography, density, and specific character. A chain of people holding mirrors gradually find their position along a shady path. Each person manipulates the angle of their mirror and their own position so as to capture the image from the mirror of the previous person and transmit it to the next. The first person in the chain standing on the top of the hill captures the image of the sun setting.

METAMORPHOSIS OF THE GOLDEN ASS, video projection by Martin Sexton

The artist and poet Martin Sexton presents 'Metamorphoses - The Golden Ass,' part of his series of futiques. Sexton's futiques are - collectable works of the future - works seemingly written in the past, witnessed and read in the present, yet revealing objects from or portents of the future. The artist asks whether 'these other gods: Dionysus, Pan, Christ - the very cosmic interfering with the earthly - the outside natal - not the artist Paul Klee's modern age as cosmic but rather this older world going very far back - deep in our past - that makes our real future and therefore the true cosmic?'

FRAGMENTS OF THE UNSEEN, Performance by Medea Electronique

The performance FRAGMENTS OF THE UNSEEN by the group Medeaelectronique focuses on the 'unseen' realities of the island. Conditioned by the location and physical space, the performer/dancer explores the environment with the use of multiple cameras and a set of binaural microphones attached to her body.

Eleventh Plateau by Out Of The Box Intermedia, Medeaelectronique Fragments of the Unseen, projected on the rocks of the Historical Archives Museum Hydra 2011

THE UNDER , Underwater Camera Installation by Evangelos Kaimakis

The Unseen realities of the island were also explored by the project THE UNDER by E. Kaimakis. A technological installation was place underwater in the port of Hydra, that monitors the movement of the boats.

IL CAMMINO COMUNE : THE SONG, Public Intervention by Network Nomadic Architecture

The Nomadic Architecture Network designed a walk in the context of Eleventh Plateau, towards mountain Eros in Hydra and created an alternative mapping of the route through songs, texts and poems. People from Hydra participated during this promenade.
The songs were either local songs of the island, or other songs, the participants improvised. The Song is a story, a narration about the path. Walking along it, the group connected to the earth, the people, the common resources and the social ecological issues of the island.


Sozita Goudouna's professional career focuses on curatorial practice and on educational activities in the field of contemporary art and architecture. She has curated art events in site‐specific contexts and in established museums and festivals as the the director of 'Out of the Box Intermedia'. Her educational expertise includes a forthcoming book publication in relation to her Ph.D thesis on the Visual Arts and Intermediality, submitted at the University of London. She is also involved in academic and has published various articles in international Journals and presented papers on the visual arts, education and aesthetics. Her editorial expertise includes working as the associate editor for Intellect Publishers, for Routledge and CommonGround Publishers.