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Sue Broadhurst
Friday 1 August 2003

'Dead East, Dead West'

The ICA Theatre, The Mall SW1.

Dead East, Dead West, an experimental sound and movement-based piece with some fragmented script, is fused with 3D interactive technology, the results of which are perhaps unique to the singular performer/audience perspective. The performers wear wireless miniature cameras, which provide the audience and each other with images of what they directly, see, giving a new dimension to interactive performance. This intercultural, interracial and technological performance explores and explodes the margin between what is seen as dominant Western art practices and the 'exotic' performance of the 'other'. The production involves collaboration between new media performance director Sue Broadhurst, choreographer Jeffrey Longstaff, 3D filmmaker Brian McClave, digital interactive artists Martin Dupras, Paul Verity Smith, and Jez Hattosh-Nemeth, script writer Phil Stanier, costume designer and performer Katsura Isobe, sound composer and performer Dave Smith, and performer Tom Wilton.

Dead East Dead West MPEGs for download...

Audience interaction

Close up of performers and technology section

Drummer and technologists close up

Kats explosion

Kats face and pads

Water and technology

Water drum


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