Non-Repeating Loop
Performance & Installation, 2000.
Duration: 3 hours.

Monali Meher

Video Clip

"Non-Repeating Loop" was 3 hrs.long performance to give a feeling of loop or continuation of body movement in the space which obviously was not a repetition in the same way because of the human body involved in it. There were certain specific movements of my body, which were creating drawings in the space.

I worked in this space for 15 days. There were 1000 roses, which were drying for all these while and left the space with the organic smell of it. I arranged them as a bunch in one of the corners of the room and some of them were hanging on the sofa and also the sofa was suspending in the middle of the room and below the sofa was a plaster of paris mould of my body which I could not open.The negative and the positive moulds were stuck together.There was a natural light in the space which was changing and also a tubelight in a diagnolly opposite corner of the bunch.The leaves from the roses were scattered with white plaster of paris powder on all over the floor.

As I was moving in the space and making drawings with my body, I became a part of the space as I had a layer of leaves on my body. Also the action of hammering the mould was like opening myself up. So I was having a kind of dialogue with all these objects in the space. I was also using my voice in a specific way, without any words but a kind of sign language (Voice) the space had an acoustic.

As I was moving for that long , my body was getting used to the space and quite active with different movements. Also by the end of the 3rd hour, my movements became much slower.

The Audience was there and they would come in and go out at any time.

This performance was atmospheric and had a theatre like quality. This was like a dream. All the things in the space were kept in an opposite order, like hanging sofa instead of standing on the ground or myself moving like a snake.
The smell of the drying roses was intense. And the time involved in this process was quite significant. It was a confronting situation for me to get adjusted to the new environment; I created for myself and to be a part of it.

Monali Meher.